Wednesday, May 6, 2009

12 terrifying pieces of furniture

Fast Company asks:
Fancy a desk that looks like it’s puking its guts out? You’re in luck! Plenty of the world’s most buzzed-about designers will happily sell you furniture that will make your children cry.
This rocking chair by David Pompa, in a style he calls Surreal Minimalism, is one of the least disturbing:

See the other terrifying 11 here, and the rest of Pompa’s collection here. He outlines the concept:
Why is the situation in an office such a stereotypical scene? I think that this is the reason why people don’t feel as creative in their office environment as they feel in many other places.

Our consumerist society has brought us into the position that it’s not any more about designing one more chair or one more table, it’s about designing a unique experience.

I am convinced that our lives are driven very much by the relationships we have to objects all round and I think that as a designer I want to design the basis for these relations.

Interaction is often reduced to a functional basis; this collection is an approach that objects and humans can interact on an emotional level with the aim of stimulating creativity.

The surreal minimalism collection consists of objects which can be randomly combined to a series of office chairs. These chairs are a response to mental and physical needs of people in their office environment.

The visual language centres on personal speculation about the sources of ‘inspiration and creativity.’
Not in my office, you don’t.

Monitor: Marginal Revolution

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