Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to cook a hairy sausage

News at English Russia of the latest in Russian cuisine. My nephew lives in St Petersburg – I must ask him if he has tried this at home:
A new dish became extremely popular among some Russian bloggers lately. Now it’s not quite clear who was the first one who invented this mod by pinning some uncooked sausage with hard spaghetti sticks and then boiling this all together and getting first “haired sausage” ready.

Then, publishing the outcomes on Internet caused a real wave of interest from many who wanted to try making their own haired frankfurter.

As one might guess different variations emerged.

Even the black-haired ones.

It became a real hero, and seems is still not very known abroad.
There’s a reason for that, droog. However, if you are keen to explore this culinary by-way, don’t miss the instructional video.

Monitor: Mick Hartley

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