Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twangsome is as twangsome does

Who says that modern life is rubbish? This morning on Facebook came the news that the Close Readers’ album Group Hug, previewed here in March, has at last been released. You can buy a download for $US5, or the CD which comes with a free FLAC or 320k MP3 download for $US15. In our money that’s a shade over $18. No-brainer. So five minutes later I was listening to the download while waiting for the postie.

I like it. It has twang, loadsa twang, and also a whole song called “Iris DeMent”, after one of my favourite country singers. All songs were written by Wellington novelist Damien Wilkins, whom I assume is the singer and twanger. Until the postie comes with the CD I won’t know who else is playing on it, but whoever it is they make a nice noise.

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