Monday, January 30, 2012

What I’m reading

Surrender by Donna Malane. Liking it.

Mitt Romney’s tax return explained in comment #17. Two words: corporate tax.  

“Eco-friendly labels are becoming more ubiquitous, but they may be misleading.” You don’t say.

Matt Nolan praises labour market globalisation.

Robust reporting: Tainui news for Waikato readers (via Maui Street).

Home Paddock talks sense about the sale of the Crafar farms, which Cactus Kate rightly refers to as the Westpac farms.

In the February issue of Word (February issue, not online: they’re not silly) English folksinger June Tabor reveals that thanks to Dan Lepard’s 2004 book The Handmade Loaf she is a champion breadmaker:
I once won Best Homebaked Loaf at the Ludlow Food Festival!
Here she is with guitarist Martin Simpson performing Richard Thompson’s “Strange Affair”:

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