Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Letter to the editor of the week

This one comes not from the Waikato Times, as is customary, but from today’s edition of the Press [not online]:
Airport in Merivale
Recently I’ve been worried about the increased noise pollution and traffic disruption in Merivale. I had been thinking it was Scirt repairing the Papanui Rd water mains and sewers.
Upon upgrading to the new Apple ios6 on my ipad and using the new Apple maps app, I worked out the source of the problem
The noise is in fact coming from Timaru Airport. It is now only 100 metres from our Merivale address. It seems Scirt has been beavering away at night relocating Timaru Airport to Heaton St.
It’s one thing to move schools but moving an airport into a residential neighbourhood is another thing altogether.
Can anybody tell me if the new ios6 “do not disturb” feature would help solve this problem?
Monitor: Sarah Fraser


Mark Hubbard said...

Read this over lunch. I don't understand why Apple have rushed so headlong into maps, and made such a hash of them: it must be their biggest marketing glitch if not for ever, for a long time.

Food That Tastes Great said...

Having known Mr Shand for the last 30 years, I would suggest that he and your sister-in-law could probably come up with some excellent apps to solve the problem!