Monday, December 3, 2012

Francis Wheen: lost in translation

I am not sure what language this website is in – Polish, at a guess – but here is its page on the distinguished English journalist and author Francis Wheen, who has been mentioned here before. This particular page is in English, Jim, but not as we know it. I will quote the whole thing because it is a bit special, because it shows why we need editors and proofreaders, and because I can:
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Francis comments on Facebook: “It’s official: I am H C Earwicker.”


Stephanie said...

Highly possible the English translation was made by Google. Tried something not so long ago and got back similar gobbledegook. Especially love the lack of capital letters for proper names ... and how difficult it makes it to read (apart from the other difficulties!).

Nicholas Reid said...

Ah yes, the perils of word-for-word literal translation without any understanding of grammar, idiom and nuance. Did you know the pioneer Baptist missionary Carey once translated the entire Bible thus into an Indian language and was then hurt and disappointed to discover the Indians couldn't understand a word of it?