Monday, March 4, 2013

Concerning the ubiquity of Stephen Fry

Can I stand Stephen Fry? No I cannot, as reported here earlier. It seems I am not alone. Stephen Pollard writes in the Daily Telegraph of the ever-presentness of Fry that:
Somehow, he has morphed from jobbing comedian and actor to a guru whose wit, wisdom and all-round general cleverness we are supposed to adore and admire in equal measure. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t. [. . .]
Over the two weeks of the Christmas break it was calculated that Mr Fry was on our screens in 189 TV programmes, including more QI repeats than you would have thought could possibly exist.
Even if he were Oscar Wilde, Isaiah Berlin and PG Wodehouse rolled into one, you might easily tire of him over 10 programmes in a fortnight, let alone 189. Well, he isn’t. And we certainly did.
So here is Chris Rea with “The Road to Hell”, live in 1989:

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