Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai

No blogging for a week as I’m off in the morning to Taiwan for the Taipei International Book Exhibition, the Asia-Pacific equivalent of the Frankfurt Book Fair and the fourth biggest after Frankfurt, London and the one in the US. Sadly, my Mandarin is rusty and my Taiwanese is non-existent. Wish me luck.

I am temporarily to be a journalist for the Listener, if I can remember how to do that, and am also required to send back daily gossip items for PANZ. I knew that those years I spent at Metro on the Felicity Ferret column would pay off eventually.

So here, introduced by Kenny Everett, are Hot Gossip in the early 80s dancing to “Satisfaction” as recorded by the Rolling Stones in 1965. You know it makes sense and it’s all in the best possible taste:

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Stephanie said...

Wishing you luck!