Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yeah, nah: coasters of the month

I bought these in Cambridge last week, from my friend Carrie’s craft gallery. They were made in Raglan and are the most New Zealandy coasters ever. We all say “Yeah, nah” even if we think we don’t.

But I thought there was something missing.  “Yeah nah” has been adopted by some right-wing bloggers to depict Labour leader David Cunliffe as making inconsistent statements.  So these two represent the Labour Party. But I want balance. I need a coaster to represent the National Party.

So when I bumped into Carrie outside her other shop, Wholly Cow which sells meat from her and her husband Tommy’s farm, I commissioned another one. It will say “Look”. As in the full John Key prime ministerial “Look, yeah, nah.”


Marion O said...

That should be "Aw Look" - then you get two matching coasters!

Stephen Stratford said...

Yes! I will commission another one.