Thursday, April 9, 2015

My life is good

For most of today there was a man outside my office trimming the neighbour’s hedge. It is a tall and long hedge, and his hedge-trimmer was very loud. He wore earmuffs: I didn’t.

So the only work I achieved was, just as I was sitting down to lunch, a phone call from a client who said, “I’ve only got a couple of minutes,” as if I were imposing on his time rather than him on mine, and who then talked at me for 25 minutes about his book.

Tomorrow morning I shall rise early and wrangle Miss 11 and Miss 13 so they will be ready to leave the house at 8am for the 40-minute drive to Kihikihi – which is very near Te Awamutu, Crowded House fans! – to be dressage runners at the Kihikihi International Horse Trial. These are the school holidays, which breed unproductive days.  

So here is Randy Newman, live in concert in 1983, with “My Life is Good”:


Kate said...

Very nice life too. Hope the girls have some good rides.

New Zealand Gerald said...

Short people, tall hedges.