Friday, July 8, 2016

Waikato Times letter of the week #69

From the edition of Monday 4 July. As always, spelling, punctuation, grammar and logic are exactly as printed in the Waikato Times, including the missing words and intermittent use of hyphens for dashes. You have no idea how carefully (and incredulously) I proofread these things.
Keep calm, carry on
Politically, the Western world as we know it is akin to Mother Earth when she gets overheated and the pressure within builds to breaking point and manifests itself as earthquakes and eruptions.
We have Britain – well, at least England, showing its distaste of losing its once closely guarded privilege to self-determination and has thrown off the shackles of “colonialism” to reinstate its sovereignty. As in its past, it will not come without pain, but that is the price.
We have, it is rumoured, the population of other countries within the EU regime of domination looking to show their parliamentarians that they too want Poland for the Polish, France for the French, Sweden for the Swedish and more. We see in the United States an awakening of the people to find that there is a rampaging bull charging from the left field and crashing through the fence of establishment, in so doing refreshing the minds of people, like a cold shower after a long slumber.
We see Australian political scene with its double dissolution and tightly fought election. Showing the cultural trait of “if it ain’t working, tear it down and rebuild it.” We see the British Labour Party with the Parliamentary caucus demonstrating that they are out of tune with rank and file membership - sound familiar?
And what happens to Mother Earth?
She settles down with the shape somewhat changed and a new future dawns for all. Maybe a new order.
And that is why Britain or at least England will come through the turmoil by “Keeping Calm and Carrying On”.
Tony Kirby
Some unkind readers – John Baker and Sarah Sandley – have queried whether this letter is genuine and not a fictional construct of mine. So here is a snap of the newspaper page, which gives you as a bonus a letter from former WaikTimes letter of the week contributors T John Marshall and Frank Bailey replying to T John’s letter earlier this week. Something about socialism, so in both cases tl;dnr.

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