Monday, December 16, 2019

A curated mix of artisans

From Cuisine, January 2020 issue, p50:
If you fancy a yoga class followed by a cleansing organic juice (sipped through a bamboo straw) and then maybe a hand-crafted Paris Brest pastry oozing with hazelnut cream just to keep the balance right, head straight down to The Welder, a complex in the progressive South Town neighbourhood of Christchurch where the hospitality and lifestyle brands share a philosophy of holistic health and sustainability.  This is retail and food therapy that’s good at heart and good for you – but none too precious. “We were prescriptive about the types of businesses we wanted within The Welder,” says James Springer, associate at Box 112, the developers behind the project. “It’s a curated mix of artisans that tie into the wellness theme.” 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Holding pattern

I am to attend the next meeting of the Hamilton Press Club on Friday the 13th – speaker: Patrick Gower – so should have a report to post next week.

Also there is very good news about the new fellows for the Randell Cottage and Grimshaw Sargeson residential fellowships – I am on the selection panel for both – but until they are announced, it’s all a bit Wittgenstein: whereof I cannot speak, I must remain silent. But not for long.