Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peter Williams, party animal

The Herald reports:
The stars came out to Auckland’s Viaduct on Friday night to celebrate Peter Williams’ 30-year career at TVNZ.
The camera does not lie: he clearly loved every minute of it.
Williams started working at the state broadcaster in 1979 as a sports anchor and has since covered seven Olympic games.
Thirty years at TVNZ – what a survivor. I think he should be reading the 6 pm bulletin every night – he’s far and away the best newsreader we have and he’s a very good interviewer too. But I guess that would interfere with his afternoon golf, which would never do.


Unknown said...

Clearly, one of these men has been informed his job at TVNZ is safe, and that he must continue working there.

Stephen Stratford said...

What I want to know is, who are those people to his left and right? Gatecrashers, judging by his expression.

Buy Kamagra said...

I would just like to know if that Peter Williams is the same guy who wrote a book named "The Circle"? I loved that book!