Friday, November 27, 2009

Australia is big

Just look at it – you can fit all of Europe into it and have room left over for Scandinavia and a bunch of North Africa.

But it isn’t big enough to interest the Herald or Stuff news websites when the Liberal Opposition implodes and it looks as though party leader Malcolm Turnbull will be replaced by Tony Abbott or Joe Hockey on Monday. The Liberal crisis – dubbed the biggest party split in Australia 50 years – was front-page news in the Age, the Australian and Sydney Morning Herald today.

The Herald website hasn’t mentioned it all day. Its lead story about Australia is still about some pandas in Adelaide.

Stuff, to its great credit, has a section dedicated to our neighbour but has had no room today for the current political crisis. Instead, we get a farting pig.

Map monitor: Steve Whitehouse


Hug Me said...

I know this was posted in 2009 and probably no one's going to read this comment, but the map has Yugoslavia on it, could you not find a more modern map of Europe to use?

Stephen Stratford said...

Hi Hug me.
Short answer: no, I couldn't.

Long answer: the image must go back a few years, and I wasn't about to redraw it. Possibly someone somewhere has - but the overall proportions of the land masses are stilll valid. It's more about Australia, really.