Friday, February 26, 2010

Around the New Zealand blogs

Cactus Kate thinks that Phil Heatley should harden the f*** up, while the Dim-Post celebrates his fall.

Distractions has fond memories of the music shops in old Manners Street.

Home Paddock is in favour of irrigation because “the Mackenzie hills will still be brown and we’ll have a better view of them if the flats aren’t blowing away in a dust storm”.

Kiwiblog reveals Gerry Brownlee’s cunning plan to invade Australia and turn the entire country, except for New South Wales, into New Zealand mines.

Laughy Kate is crackers.

Mac Doctor is back, and disapproves of Gareth Morgan comparing aardvarks and spark plugs in his (otherwise excellent, he reports) book Health Cheque.

Poneke rips into the Sensing Murder “psychic” charalatans.

The Fundy Post has chocolate issues, but these are trivial compared to Today is My Birthday’s fruit and vegetable problem.

And I’m off to Auckland tomorrow for a 21st birthday party.

This clip from about 40 years ago is for Today is My Birthday: Frank Zappa and the Mothers (including two Turtles on vocals and Anysley Dunbar on drums) with “Call Any Vegetable”. As the man says, they keep you regular and they’re real good for ya.


Phil said...

Re Call any Veg: Jeepers!
Some stunning drumming from Aynsley Dunbar in the midst of madness.

Stephen Stratford said...

Apparently Dunbar was once the highest-paid drummer in the world, though probably not when he was working for Zappa.

One of his successors was Chad Wackerman - a great drummer and also a great name for a drummer. More of that nominative determinism.

And of course you recognise the Turtles singers, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan, from their work on T Rex's great "Electric Warrior".