Friday, September 3, 2010

What I am reading

Cactus Kate on Allan Hubbard and South Canterbury Finance, with documentation. Wouldn’t it be nice if newspaper journalists could and would do this sort of thing. 

BBC Dimensions – it “takes important places, events and things, and overlays them onto a map of where you are.” Addictive – it shows things actual size, so you can see that the moon is the size of Australia.

BK Drinkwater is going long on helium.

Babbage in the Economist builds a better password for your computer.

Tane Thomson, perhaps New Zealand’s most under-rated poet, has a new poem, “The Moderately Hungry Maggot”, on Twitter. (Scroll down a bit.)

UPDATE: Cactus Kate has an absolutely justified vanity post here.

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Austin Plumber said...

About time these journalists learned some geography.