Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sentence of the day

From Chad Taylor:
My revising self consistently underestimates my writing self.
This stuff is always interesting from any writer but Chad’s post “Many happy returns” on the mechanics of how he writes is a cracker.

Speaking of happy returns, today is my birthday and I’ll watch a Richard and Linda Thompson DVD if I want to. I treated myself to this not-really-that-expensive box set of three CDs plus DVD, all of live performances. The DVD is fantastic and has a sharper version of the clip below of them from 1981, just before they split acrimoniously, performing Richard’s great song “The Dimming of the Day”, beautifully sung by Linda. 

All teenage entrants to those ghastly TV talent quests should be made to watch this so they might understand that seven notes per syllable is not necessary. One note imbued with feeling will do nicely.   

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Anonymous said...

Many happies and thanks for introducing me to the Thompsons' music.