Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March of the pigeons

Pigeon Blog is what is says: a blog by a pigeon, called Brian, about pigeons. It is very funny. Here Brian interviews Janet and Jim Pigeon about daylight saving:
I asked Janet if she thought the clocks going back had any impact on the number of depressed pigeons in London:
“Absolutely. I think pigeons just find the whole thing quite confusing. One day they’re out happily tucking into dinner. Then they go out at the same time the next day, and it’s dark. I think it really throws pigeons, so those prone to depression are bound to suffer.”
Jim, looking somewhat grayer these days, agreed:
“Yeah. Totally. You can see it everywhere. Soon as it happens, loads of miserable pigeons. Millions of them, especially in King’s Cross. No-one gives a shit we get an hour extra on the ledge in the morning. Only thing that happens is the sun comes up earlier than it’s meant to. Load of old bollocks.”
So, there you have it. Proof from those in the know. You wait. This time next week, just watch out for the number of vacant looking pigeons shuffling about aimlessly through the streets of London. Anyone out there got any suggestions, let me know, and before you say it, we’ve tried staring at street lamps.
And then this, about the recent gathering of the Davids. Shown here are David from Cardiff on the left, and David from Swansea on the right.

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Stephanie said...

Hilarious.Absolutely needed to read about why all the pigeons I see around town are looking so aimless!