Thursday, December 19, 2013

Metro and embarrassment

Simon Wilson, editor of Metro, tweets about our mega-city’s mega-embarrassing mayor Len Brown:

If you can’t read the text, it is: “Brown will survive no confidence attack but his position is now intolerable.”

Intolerable? By whom? Simon possibly means “untenable”. A mere slip of the tweet. As one does. Forgivable, unlike the carefully considered cover of the new issue:

Metro was a bit ick in the last issue about the roast busters. To have this photo on the cover is even more ick. Call me old-fashioned.


Anne Else said...

Good on you, Stephen. You're not in the least old-fashioned, just clear-sighted.

helenalex said...

I object to what they've done to her hair, and to that hideous bikini. If they're going to put bikini models on the cover, they could at least make them look nice.

Linda said...

Not ick at all.

paul scott said...

summer love