Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An invitation arrives!

We distinguished journalists are occasionally invited to events. This invitation arrived in my inbox yesterday from an organisation we shall call, imaginatively, [X]:
You’re invited to

 Unpacking for the Creative Journey
The perfect winter event for [X] …. chances are you are a creative person – photographer, writer or communications professional. So how’s your creativity quotient? Faced with changes in our industry, fewer media channels, new technologies and other professional challenges, it’s possible you’re feeling your creativity waning a little.
Here’s the chance to turn that around. Come along to our July event to hear Sian Jaquet on ‘Unpacking for the creative journey’
You could call Sian Jaquet a “life designer”. She helps people change their lives. She has developed a set of simple, effective tools and processes which enable people to make their lives more fulfilling and less complicated.
Sian Jaquet will be the guest at our next [X] members’ event. She will give a 40-minute presentation followed by Q&A. Her presentations cover business, career development, family, happiness, life, love and relationships. Events like this are usually $200 plus and are a powerhouse of motivation, information and the catalyst for change. All attendees will receive a gift from Sian, her workbook on Values, which normally sells at $25. Don’t miss this dynamic speaker.
If you’d like to know more about Sian, see 
Where: Tass Williamson 2 Room, Heritage Hotel, 35 Hobson Street, Auckland
When: Monday 21 July 2014 - 6pm to 8pm
Cost:    $25 for [X] members
            $25 for non [X] members
Includes nibbles and a drink on arrival (cash bar thereafter)

I have never met a life designer before, so was briefly tempted. But on reflection I think I will pass on this, despite the 87.5% discount and free workbook on Values.


Mark Hubbard said...

You've surely overlooked that free drink and nibble on arrival?

(I hold to the 'heaven save me from motivational speakers' school of life.)

Stephen Stratford said...

Even so, even so.