Friday, August 8, 2014

Waikato Times letter of the week #52

A bumper crop, two letters from the 4 August edition. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and logic are all exactly as published:
The number 12
Why the number 12?
It’s amazing why the number 12 is such an historic number and used in legal documents —12 for jury duty —12 good men and true; 12 months in the year; 12 inches in the imperial foot measurement or, is it all just a coincidence?
Today’s education still circles around this number which governs the Western World in so many ways. Even our time pieces – clocks/watches start and end on the number 12. Did it all originate with religion and the 12 apostles?
If anyone says they are not religious they maybe haven’t understood what starts the day and guides us through each and every day – time.
Whether we believe it or not – religion governs the Western World by day and by night and our everyday lives. If you’re clocking on and clocking off or, and any other daily activity! It all started this way about 2000 years ago. Check your watch and see if it is still telling you what to do and where to go. The number 12 is at the top on your watch face!

Question of morality
Peter Dornauf’s opinion (Bronze age outlook causes strife, July 28) contains many errors. 
Science has advanced to the point where it is able to acknowledge that the universe was created. 
The announcement on March 17, 2014 of the latest discovery of ripples in the fabric of space-time (gravitational waves) further confirmed this. 
A physicist explained “. . . at this point, creation is a scientific fact”.
Slavery in ancient Israel was different from what was practised in the United States. In the United States, men and women were sold and became the property of the owners and had no rights. 
In ancient Israel, it was usually the decision of the person to become a slave to pay off a debt or relieve severe poverty. They would sell themselves as servants. 
Hebrew slaves had rights and the law warned against mistreating them. 
After six years the slaves were set free and the master was to send them out with abundant provisions: Deut. 15:12-15. 
I’m unsure how morality can evolve and still retain its original intent/purpose. It may certainly widen its application to cover new examples.
What is the basis for blessing same-sex marriages? Is it based on rights and if so, what are the supporting reasons?

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