Monday, February 23, 2015

Waikato Times letter of the week #54

From the 23 February edition:
Same old, same old
Both opinions of Joe Bennett and Peter Dornauf are the same old gurgitation, ever seeking to calm their consciences before death and then judgement for all.
Nearly every day, the Bible is prophetically proven, rightly describing mankind’s pathetic endeavours these latter days. Pagan UN’s seeking a One World Government, currency and religion.
Did Peter Dornauf not know of Darwin’s dilemma – when asked how to relate a peacock in full mating splendour to evolution, honestly replied it made him “feel sick!”
Again all archaeologist who have buried their enmity of “Truth” readily reply Earth is all evident of a catastrophic flood with sea shell deposits on the Himalayas.
Of course these facts are not found in Educational text books, this partly to blame for the World’s rapid decline from social order.
Te Kauwhata 

As always, spelling, punctuation and grammar are exactly as printed in the Waikato Times.

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