Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Farm art

From the old jokes home:

Q: What is the difference between a buffalo and a bison?

A: A buffalo is a large hairy mammal, millions of which used to range over the American prairie. A bison is what Australians wash their hands in.

So here is a buffalo:

 A painted buffalo, from the International Buffalo Bodypainting competition held in Jiangcheng, China last year. Quote unquote:
Each buffalo in the competition was painted by 3-7 artists, with the cash prize for the most beautiful example a sizable 100,000 yuan ($16,042). Some of the competitors are from other countries such as Laos, Vietnam, New Zealand, Finland and Germany. This year, at the end of the harvest themed festival, a group of schoolchildren took home the big prize.

Waikato Times columnist Joshua Drummond recently painted an entire cow named Daisy in public for the Hamilton Arts Festival – here is a video of him in action. Quote unquote: 
Some people get really weird when they come across someone doing art in public. I reckon the artist becomes part of the exhibit and thus kind of invisible, or not quite human. Germans have been the main source of strangeness. “Moo! Perhaps it comes alive!” yelled one from right behind me. Another one bailed me up and railed at me at length about the themes and meanings of the painting. I told him what I tell everyone: I just like birds.

So here is the illustrated cow:

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