Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25 August 2009

Home Paddock has a daily post of significant events in history on that day. For 25 August she has Galileo and Captain Cook doing momentous things, and also the birthdays of George Stubbs (1724), Martin Amis (1949) and Billy Ray Cyrus (1961).

Well, excuse me. There is a lot more to celebrate. How about these birthdays?:

Leonard Bernstein (1918), Sean Connery (1930), Elvis Costello (1954), Tim Burton (1958), Joanne Whalley (1961) – if you don't recognise the name, ask any heterosexual male who watched The Singing Detective in the late 80s – Jeff Tweedy (1967) and Claudia Schiffer (1970).

Let’s not mention Gene Simmons of Kiss (1949). Or me, somewhere in there.


Chad Taylor said...

Nurse Mills. The line is something like "Mr Marlow, I'm going to lift your penis now."

Ben Dare said...

She had that effect on lots of men.

homepaddock said...

Easy enough to miss most of the birthdays you list how could I have overlooked yours?

Hope it was happy.

homepaddock said...

Could I add a but between list and how if I resolve to proof read in future?

Stephen Stratford said...

You most certainly could, and you have. Wlle deon.