Wednesday, August 12, 2009

30 Songs

Not PC and MacDoctor have listed the 30 songs that come up first when their MP3 players are on shuffle. Home Paddock isn’t playing because she doesn’t do MP3s and hasn’t got an iPod or similar. Neither have I, but I can put my PC’s player on shuffle, and here’s what I got:

Jet Plane in a Rocking Chair – Richard and Linda Thompson (In Concert 1975)
Lassus Lamentations – Collegium Regale
Bach “Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan” from Cantata 99 – Monteverdi Choir
Rihm “Tutuguri, Poeme Danse” – Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR
Tone Probe “Promenade” – Robert Fripp
Bruckner Symphony No. 6, Adagio – Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR
People of Conscience, Rick Danko
Heavy ConstruKction – ProjeKct Two
Corelli Recorder Sonata in F – Alison Melville
Don’t Let Our Love Die – Emmylou Harris
Dowland “Thomas Collier, his Galliard” – Christian Lindberg
Promenade II – Robert Fripp
Ghosts in the Wind – Richard Thompson
Bach Keyboard Concerto No. 3, Adagio – Robert Levin
Berg Lyric Suite, Allegro Misterioso – NZ String Quartet
Precious Memories – Sweet Honey in the Rock
Lead a Normal Life – Peter Gabriel
Wave – Jesse Winchester
Holding Back the Years – Angie Stone
Bach Toccata in D minor – Kevin Bowyer
Go Tell the Women – Grinderman
ProzaKc Blues – King Crimson
Straight, No Chaser – Cannonball Adderley Quintet
Mr and Mrs People – Ornette Coleman
Just What I Need – Dave Dobbyn
Agitation – Miles Davis
Infatuation – Dave McArtney and the Pink Flamingos
There’s a Rugged Road – Judee Sill
Handel Rinaldo, “Scorta rea di cieco amore” – Daniel Taylor
Time is on My Side – Irma Thomas

Some odd overlaps there – in particular, all three of us have Robert Fripp or his band King Crimson. Chris Bell at NZBC is a fan too. Is this some sort of weird male blogger thing? No doubt Laughy Kate will let us know.


laughykate said...

It surprises me that Nick Cave's The Lyre of Orpheus isn't on that list, considering the first words that I heard come out of your youngest daughter's mouth that weren't noises like, 'Blarhde bellidoppie arh-am', but were ones I could recognise as words that actually belonged to the English language were lyrics to that song.

Stephen Stratford said...

I hope the words you recognised were just the "O Mamma" line in the chorus rather than the last verse:

Eurydice appeared brindled in blood
And she said to Orpheus
If you play that fucking thing down here
I'll stick it up your orifice.

Lately it's all been "Mamma Mia" rather than "O Mamma" which is frankly a relief.

Anonymous said...

That is a very weird male blogger thing. Frippery, indeed.