Monday, November 16, 2009

Bunny throwing

Here in the Waikato we make our own fun. We had the world rabbit throwing championship yesterday. Hey, look, it’s not midgets or dwarves, it’s just rabbits. So it’s not weird, OK?

And the rabbits don’t mind. They’re dead.

OK, it’s a bit weird.

The Waikato Times reports:
More than 70 people took part in the event, according to organiser Barry Woods, who said it was great to see people of all ages rolling up their sleeves and taking part.

“Basically this was a stand against the PC brigade who think there is something wrong with what goes on in the real world,” Mr Woods said.

Competitors selected a dead rabbit from a pile and threw it into a trailer attached to a motorbike which, Mr Woods said, was exactly how it’s done on the farm. “Why shouldn’t kids be able to see how it’s done, handle a dead animal and learn about pests which destroy the environment?” he said.
The winner was 19-year-old German tourist Lisa Lutz, who is here on a working holiday. Honestly, what is wrong with our local rabbit throwers that they can’t out-throw a German tourist who has never (probably – you never can tell with Germans) thrown a bunny before?

All this makes Taihape look pretty silly, doesn’t it. They just throw gumboots there. No comparison.

Here is the best bunny song ever, Taj Mahal performing “Squat that Rabbit” from his 1991 album Like Never Before:

Older readers may recognise the guitar riff, used by the Rolling Stones on their cover of Slim Harpo’s “Shake Your Hips” on Exile on Main Street where, unusually for them, they credited the original composer.

The animation is from Walt Disney’s 1925 Alice Gets Stung. More info about it here.


Unknown said...

Rabbit throwing? As sport? Now, no one north of the Bombays, or south of Orewa for that matter, likes to be seen pointing the finger at the stirling lads and ladesses toiling away on either side of the Big Traffic Jam but does this confirm a few of our suspicions about rural life?

laughykate said...

Big weirdos.

But then, 'The Waikato Bunny Throwing Champion 2009' does have a certain ring to it.

Even if it is a banjo sounding ring.