Friday, November 20, 2009

Jesus as zombie: the Venn Diagram

Another Venn Diagram, this time featuring zombies, Frankenstein and Dracula (vampires are so 2009) along with you know who.

It isn’t entirely accurate: as one outraged commenter at the original host site, ClusterFlock, points out, the villagers didn’t exactly revere Frankenstein. Still, eh?


Anonymous said...

just to clarify, it wasn't Jesus who wanted the mindless followers, it's the Church that named themselves after him. important distinction.

Anonymous said...

ehh, it's all bullshit anyway.. church, jesus, religion in general. bullshit.

Anonymous said...

zombies r no doubt feared by local townspeople and they deffinetly revere them
and i am 100% not a robot because i spelled something incorrectly.

Evan Raymonds said...

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