Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For control freaks

The ThinkGeek advertisement says it all:
Couples therapists will tell you that many relationships break down as a result of poor communication. She assumes he can read her mind and anticipate her every need. He assumes she's doing fine as long as she’s still... well, still there. Meanwhile, on the inside, she’s boiling mad about his bad habits and he’s bummed that he hasn't gotten any action in weeks. Recipe for disaster? You betcha.

ThinkGeek to the rescue! Why spend hundreds of dollars to sit on a couch and spill all your secrets to a complete stranger when you could solve your problem with these two remote controls? (How does that make you feel?) With these remotes, it's just a matter of pointing it at your significant other, pressing a button, and hoping for the best. Get him to take you shopping, stop farting, and most importantly, propose! Get her to hurry up in the bathroom, cook you a great meal, and strip on command.
This exciting new product promises to change many couples’ lives. At least, it would do if it worked. This bullet point at the end is a bit of a giveaway:
No batteries required – powered by wishful thinking.
Well, we can dream. Click on the image for a closer look.

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