Monday, February 1, 2010


From a new series of photos from Afghanistan at the Boston Globe’s excellent The Big Picture. The caption reads:
A British soldier stands in front of an Afghan vehicle, known as a “jingle truck”, as he provides security outside Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, Jan. 2, 2010. The soldier is assigned to B Flight, 27 Squadron, Royal Air Force Regiment, which is serving with NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan. (Tech. Sgt. Efren Lopez/U.S. Air Force)
I showed this to my truckie mate Dean, just as a suggestion for a possible redesign for 2010. I can’t repeat his exact words, but essentially he’s going to stick with the more conservative look.

I think he meant this was just a bit gay.

More trucking flamboyance here.

Monitor: Mick Hartley


Dave Hillier said...

Thank you for not including a YouTube clip of the Grateful Dead.

Stephen Stratford said...

I must say I was tempted, but for once good taste intervened.