Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rooting in Taihape

In an email today from a Quote Unquote reader who remembers this post about the world’s worst tourism slogans:
By the way, on the subject of branding towns in NZ, we passed through Taihape and bought some plants from a shop called “Born in Taihape”. The sub headline of the shop was, wait for it: “Thoroughly rooted”.


Anonymous said...

And then there was, if memory serves, the "Gore-Clinton: Alternative Route" signpost, which lasted just a few days until the forces of decency removed it.

Phil said...

There is a road works in progress in West Auckland, eagerly anticipated by locals as 'The Hobsonville Deviation'.

Stephen Stratford said...

In George St in Mt Eden by the railway crossing before New North Road there used to be a sign, "Hump No Stopping".