Friday, January 15, 2010

An Irish joke

Q: Why is Iris Robinson like Ikea?

A: One dirty screw and the whole cabinet falls apart.

Monitor: PopBitch


Unknown said...

There is a shocking, shocking story about poor Iris and her lad, that she turned up at his place for whatever she had turned up for. His dog began barking. The neighbours got interested so Iris hopped in her car and left. The headline was 'Dog saves boy from Cougar'. This is so horribly cruel it should not be repeated, and is shameful. If I find the perpetrators I will certainly let you know, so they can be named in your organ and suitably humiliated.

Stephen Stratford said...

Young men should never never be saved from cougars. They have to learn some time.

If ever you see a cougar attacking a young man, or even a not-so-young man, stand back and leave well alone.