Saturday, January 16, 2010

I hate my cat

We adopted her when Keith Stewart’s daughter decided she didn’t want a cat any more. Keith explained that if we didn’t take her she’d go to the SPCA and would probably be dead within a week. (The cat, not the daugher. At least I think that is what he meant.) And you know what Keith is like – another glass of Central Otago pinot noir and I’ve had said yes to anything. And the little furry object was a cute kitteny thing.

That was then.

We took her home and over the last few years she turned into a whiny, moany, yowly cat. The children adore her, my wife doesn’t mind her, but I work from home so I get her all day every day and she drives me nuts.

However, much as I dislike her, tattooing her would be, I feel, somehow wrong. Call me old-fashioned. But some people feel differently:


Your wife said...

Given your feelings for the cat, I suspect the only reason you haven't done this to her is that tatoos wouldn't really go with the cushions.

Stephen Stratford said...

It's not so much the potential clash with the cushions as what Keith might say. Even he would think it a bit Westie.