Saturday, January 16, 2010

Katherine Mansfield has a blog

Yes, she is dead but she is online and blogging. Isn’t modern technology wonderful? The Katherine Mansfield Society says:
Every day you will be able to see what KM was thinking, feeling and writing on that day, in a particular year. We have started with 1920, since material for that year is abundant. . . Each extract is annotated with instant “cloud tags”, enabling the reader to view at a glance who/what is being described.
Chair of the society, Gerri Kimber, says that the blog will bring to life the innermost thoughts and feelings of a quintessentially modern woman and writer:
The courage that Mansfield showed at a time of great fear – exiled abroad by the TB which would eventually result in her death, and facing life without her husband – is present in every entry. The letters and fiction that she wrote at this time have justly inspired generations of writers.
So it isn’t going to be a barrel of laughs but is a great idea. No doubt this concept will be copied for other writers, artists, composers. Do go and have a look.

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