Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beware the naked man

No, not the Randy Newman song from 1974’s Good Old Boys but a serious warning from New Zealand police:
At one stage Werimu Rangi Hauraki was caught and handcuffed by police, but while being escorted he managed to dive from balcony over a steep cliff head-first.

He escaped late this morning – police have not yet said how – and was thought to be in a confined area bounded by Commerce Street and Waiewe Streets in Whakatane.

Police staff including dogs and a helicopter searched for him and managed to corner him at least twice but he evaded them both times, including the balcony incident.

“He is currently naked, except for some weed matting he is wearing and handcuffed,” acting Inspector Tony Jeurissen of Whakatane police said.

“Unfortunately he is being very evasive in very difficult terrain. This man is determined and does not want to be apprehended.”
Naked men can be evasive at times. Also determined.



Unknown said...

I don't suppose there are any photos of the weed matting. This could be big. You know 'Escape Chic' and all that. There's money to be made here

Stephen Stratford said...

Sadly no photos yet, at least not on Stuff or the Herald. Not even the Bay of Plenty Times or Whakatane Beacon websites.

I wonder what sort of weed is involved here. If this was Northland it would be obvious, but not so much in the Bay.