Sunday, January 31, 2010

British is best

I always think that Australian politics is so much better than ours. It is bigger, ruder, faster and let’s face it, more important.

But English politics is better still. The End Of The Party, a new book by journalist Andrew Rawnsley, details stories about PM Gordon Brown’s rages. According to the Daily Mail:
Mr Rawnsley was responsible for revealing that an unnamed senior adviser to Mr Blair said Mr Brown had ‘psychological flaws’. The Mail on Sunday later reported that the adviser was Mr Blair’s spin doctor Alastair Campbell.
Look who’s talking. And then:
One of his books described how Labour's welfare reforms were wrecked by the bitter feud between Harriet Harman and Frank Field.
In one exchange, Ms Harman said: ‘I can’t work with someone who thinks I’m a liar.’
Mr Field replied: ‘And I can’t work with someone who’s a ******* liar.’
It all makes Helengrad or the Key d’Orsay look very mild.

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