Friday, September 11, 2009

Life on the Key d’Orsay

A comment on David Farrar’s comment on Trans-Tasman’s comment on how a Radio New Zealand journalist picked up a notebook which had been dropped by a Treasury official and contained details about the review of the intelligence services:

A friend at Treasury reports that John Key rang the official in question and told her consolingly, “Shit happens.”

He was probably relaxed about it because Trans-Tasman had twice reported that the review was happening, so it was news only to Radio New Zealand. Still, I can’t imagine the previous Prime Minister reacting so calmly.

One imagines that life on the Key d’Orsay is rather more relaxed than it was in Helengrad.

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David Farrar said...

I hadn't heard that story. I imagine it made quite a difference to the staffer, and probably pre-empted Treasury going overboard with sanctions.