Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Champagne Charlie

The Waikato Times reports (not on-line), via sister paper the Matamata Chronicle, that Dion Anthony Gugich has been convicted of shoplifting two bottles of Veuve Cliquot from the local Super Liquor on 26 March.

The question arises, why would a Matamata wine shop hold stock of French champagne? It can’t be for the locals. Perhaps they keep it on hand for when Cactus Kate comes to see her family.

But what impressed me was Gugich’s technique:
He smuggled the bottles out of the store in his shorts.
Imagine the scene. Picture you, or anyone you know, with two bottles of Veuve in your shorts. Shorts, not trousers. I can imagine a fat person wearing really baggy trousers tied around the knees so that the bottles, one per leg, can’t slip down or clank against each other. But shorts?

What sort of body shape do we have here?

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Paul said...

Some of the cargo shorts worn in summer could easily accommodate two bottles of The Widow, as well as a stick loaf and a couple of rounds of fromage.