Thursday, January 28, 2010

A green thought in a green shade

So, farewell then Jeanette Fitzsimons and welcome to Gareth Hughes, the 28-year-old “environmental advocate” who replaces her as Green list MP. Stuff asks, “Who’s this clown?”

A fair enough question. The answer is here, on the Green Party website where his profile page introduces him:
Gareth is a vegetarian and currently works for the Green Party on. . .
If the most interesting thing about him is that he is a vegetarian, we don’t need to read any more, do we? Some of my best friends are vegetarians, just as some of my best friends have beards, but in neither case is it a defining feature, or anywhere near it. Who cares what he eats? It’s what he thinks that matters.

And here he is blathering about how having a child makes him special, or his views special, or makes him care about the planet and stuff, or something. As if he wouldn’t care about these things if he was childless. As if childless people don’t care. As if. . .

It’s not to do with making hard choices between competing interests. No, it’s all about the kiddies. Aaarrgh.

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