Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy birthday, Beverley Knight

She was born in Wolverhampton on 22 March 1973 and this is “Black Butta” from her 2007 album Music City Soul, the best new soul album I’ve heard in at least the last decade. It’s as close to classic Aretha Franklin and Al Green as we’re going to get in the age of the hemidemisemiquaver diva.

The performance is from Later with Jools Holland, presumably about the time the album came out.


Pirateking said...

Crikey she's as hot as those chillies.

Stephen Stratford said...

Indeed. Quite the chipotle off the old block. But I was most impressed by her singing, honest. It really is a great album.

Bob Smith (still the other one) said...

'the hemidemisemiquaver diva' - I guess you mean Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. Think how many talented young singers have been ruined by these role models. Or just watch those rubbish TV talent shows. It is so good to see and hear a current singer who sings the song instead of flashing her mechanical technique.