Saturday, March 6, 2010

Men behaving badly

In breaking news from the cutting edge of scientific research, or at least the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science:
Men become hopeless show-offs at the sight of a beautiful women, scientists have proved.
Honestly, who knew?
Researchers found they take greater risks in order to impress and as a result become more accident prone.

They show that just looking at an attractive woman makes them more likely to indulge in “physical risk-taking” which ends in embarrassing failure or even injury.
Fascinating. Do go on:
The change in behaviour is triggered by a surge in the male hormone testosterone which makes men “throw caution to the wind”, according to psychologists at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

They made the finding after studying young male skateboarders.
Ah, so we’re talking about Australians.

Monitor: Mark Broatch


Daleaway said...

Or, they could have asked women. Too easy.

Stephen Stratford said...

Yeah, that would be cheating. And wouldn't get loads more funding.

Whoever said...

I wonder if those were female researchers studying young male skateboarders.