Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I wish it would rain

Here in the Waikato we are in a drought. Lawns are dying all over the place and I fear for my Jersey Bennes and my recently planted Black Homburg grapes. 

Slightly more seriously, this affects everyone in New Zealand because the Waikato is the main part of the NZ dairy industry which is the main part of NZ’s exports which are what pays for our imports. Pineapples, cars, rice, iPods, bananas, flat-screen TVs – the only reason we can buy them is because of the dairy industry. So if it doesn’t rain in the Waikato, we are all, frankly, fucked.

At times like this one turns to David Ruffin and the Temptations:

Friday: It has been hosing down, on and off, all day. Excellent result. Thanks, David and the Tempts!


Denis said...

In moments of crisis I have always turned to temptation.

Cactus Kate said...

That's very melodramatic SS and indicative of you believing the negativity of the region. Good farmers have stores of feed for such events, there's a record payout and if it doesn't rain in the Waikato estimate are a 5% drop in production. So what?

In the meantime the NZ tourism industry, which works for snow and sunshine continues to grow and is now NZ's leader.

I recommend a few nights up in Auckland with your missus to cure all ills and get you away from whinging farmers.