Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Damien Wilkins, rock star

Who’d have thought? The author of the 1990 short-story collection The Veteran Perils (his debut), the 1993 poetry collection The Idles and novel The Miserables (I have read it twice, which I couldn’t say of many NZ novels not written by Vincent O’Sullivan) and half a dozen novels since, is about to release an album of his music, Group Hug by the Close Readers.

Product placement alert – if you go here, you will find a very stylish promotional package of graphic (the one above, which I assume is the cover art), text and a free download of some of the songs. No alarms and no surprises: they are good. 

And here is Nigel Cox’s profile of Damien Wilkins (along with Ian Cross) in Quote Unquote the magazine in 1993.

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