Friday, March 18, 2011

The modern multi-media family

Room 1: the nine-year-old and her friend are playing the Beatles’ “Let it Be” at high volume and singing along in preparation for their school concert. Possibly contains dancing.

Room 2: the seven year-old is watching the DVD of Barbie as Thumbelina at high volume.

Room 3: their father is listening to Frank Zappa’s “Hog Heaven” from Shut Up ’n Play Yer Guitar, a 2-CD set of guitar solos and nothing but guitar solos, at high volume. 

Each of us in the house is, in our own way, in Hog Heaven.


Phil said...

Ther Nucular Fambily for the noo millennium. Bless.

Stephen Stratford said...

There is a worrying tendency towards the Hannah Montana end of the musical spectrum. Peer pressure is a terrible thing, but we are fighting it. Twenty minutes of Stockhausen a day - that'll do the trick, surely.