Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daddy, look what I found on YouTube!

Not what you want to hear from the seven-year-old daughter, is it.

She’s home sick while I work on three books at once – who said men can’t multi-task? – so after a morning of reading she went on her mother’s computer to play games. And then:
Daddy, look what I found on YouTube!

I didn’t know she knew about YouTube, let alone know to find stuff there. But this (link only – can’t embed it) is what she was so pleased to have found. It is her current favourite song, “Rubber Bullets”, performed live in 1974 by 10CC – Lol Crème on guitar and lead vocals, Eric Stewart on lead guitar and vocals, Graham Gouldman on bass and vocals, and Kevin Godley on drums and heavenly vocals.

Honestly, kids today.

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