Sunday, July 10, 2011

Go ahead, make my week

A Xenakis festival. In France, this week, 13-18 July. The programme is here. We’re talking the big stuff – Kraanerg, Persephassa, La Legende d’Eer, Trookrh, Oresteia, ST/4 – and a whole lot more plus Pleiades. Well, you always get Pleiades. 
As Milan Kundera wrote:
Je suis tombé amoureux de la musique de Varèse et de Xenakis. … j’ai éprouvé un plaisir sincère à l’audition de ses oeuvres que j’ai écoutées avec avidité. J’avais besoin d’elles: elles m’ont apporté un bizarre soulagement…
If I had won Lotto last night, right now I would be on a plane heading to Reims. 

I didn’t, so will have to content myself with watching the finals of the world netball championship, New Zealand vs Australia. It was a great game last night when the Silver Ferns beat England: we’re hoping for the same again tonight. Nothing against Richie McCaw and his Crusaders but a win would be good.


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