Friday, September 9, 2011

Chris Carter in Afghanistan

In her Politics column in this week’s Listener (17 September issue), Jane Clifton discusses the UN’s curious appointment of former Te Atatu MP Chris Carter to a big job in Afghanistan:
This certainly is the land of opportunity. From what other country could you launch a new career as a United Nations anti-corruption czar off a nationally recognised domestic track record of troughing and treachery?
Possibly it was the troughing and treachery that qualified him for the job. He’ll fit right in. Takes one to know one, poacher/gamekeeper sort of thing.

There is the small matter of him not speaking any of the languages. Still, looking on the bright side, Jane observes that:
[…] given his past work rate, he can be relied on not to throw his weight around, so he can be trusted not to make the situation worse.

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