Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Triumph of the day

Today I:

a) edited a quarter of a fantasy novel; and
b) shot four goals on the netball courts at the children’s primary school. The seven-year-old shot 16 but she was going for the low hoop.

Guess which was the more satisfying.


Danyl said...

I once saw on the site for a publishing company (I can't remember which one): 'We are happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts in all forms and genres, except poetry and fantasy'.

Phil said...

Yar like another one which sez - anything as long as it's non-fiction

Stephen Stratford said...

NZ publishers AFAIK won't touch fantasy novels - I've seen a few good ones written here that have languished. This has real promise and the author has plans for international digital. Yes, so do thousands of other authors, but with the marketing nous she has maybe she'll crack it. I hope so - I'd like to read the next vol in the series.

But I can understand publishers saying no to poetry. It's not so much the low sales, it's more the dealing with poets.