Thursday, December 1, 2011

English food

It’s mostly nasty but we do have to give them credit for the sandwich in all its infinite variety. For example, this tasty but sadly not gluten-free item, the toast sandwich.

Just as sadly, it has all got political now. Caroline Crampton in the Guardian objects to Prime Minister David Cameron on sandwich-related grounds:
“Leftwing” is a phrase that many in the political sphere have long been comfortable with [. . .  But now] David Cameron has launched a full frontal attack on it. It’s a long-established rhetorical device that using three adjectives in a row will create a cumulative effect. By sandwiching “leftwing” between “irresponsible” and “weak” and placing it in close proximity to “union-sponsored”, he’s transforming it from a simple adjective into a loaded insult.
Monitor: Tim Blair.

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