Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mary McIntyre and chemtrails

Further to my post about Danyl at the Dim-Post getting all satirical about Shelley Bridgeman’s Herald column on the vast international chemtrail conspiracy and his invitation to readers to submit parodies of NZ novels rewritten in Bridgeman’s style, I received the above image the other day. It was a Christmas card from my friend Mary McIntyre who painted this, Celebrating One Tree Hill (69 x 49 cm), earlier this year.  

Spooky or what? I sent a copy of the image to Danyl who replied that the painting would make an excellent prize for his competition. If there is a philanthropist out there who would care to stump up the necessary, the painting is available for purchase from her dealer, Whitespace.  

There are more images by Mary at the gallery’s website, including Skylarking (38 x 48 cm), also from 2011. Either one would do, really:

(Here is Keith Stewart’s 1996 essay on Mary for Quote Unquote, and here is me last year.)

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