Sunday, February 12, 2012

I have a problem with the Listener

This week’s issue of the NZ Listener has:

A. on the cover (above), Nigel Latta pulling a comic face.
B. on the back, an ad for TV’s new show Would I lie to You? with Paul Henry pulling a comic face.

I can’t decide whether to put the magazine on the coffee table cover-side up or cover-side down. Latta or Henry? Henry or Latta? Either way strikes me as sub-optimal.


Craig Ranapia said...

You could open it to a rather insightful review of Edmund White's latest novel, and leave that page face up to show your exquisite taste in criticism.

This suggestion is in no way influenced by my very intimate relationship with the author. :)

Stephen Stratford said...

Done. Thank you for your helpful suggestion.

Artandmylife said...

Ooooh White has a new novel out? Execellent!! (and problem solved)

Rather Dull Stuff said...

Hmm. Hard choice. A highly opinionated ignoramous or the supposed expert on everything psychological. Listener must do better. Craig has the obvious lateral approach: subversion